Which area is best to stay in Lava

If you’re planning to visit Lava, a small village in Kalimpong district. The question which is uppermost in your mind which area is the best area to stay in Lava. Firstly, Lava is famous for natural beauty and Kanchenjunga view. Choose the area near Lava Monastery, if you choose to stay near Lava Monastery, Aashiyan is the best place to stay, as it is located nearby bazar.  Homestay near Neora Valley National Park gives you a special opportunity to stay close to nature. Lava bazar this is the main town area. I personally feel monastery area is best. Although, I will provide all the list of place best for tourist. like, Rishop, Kolakham, and Pedong.

Lava Bazar offers many budget-friendly hotels options and restaurants. Most importantly, tourist consider  as the starting point of the Neora Valley National Park trek.

Rishop, a small village located about 8 km from Lava. As a matter of fact, this place provides a serene environment and beautiful views of the Himalayas. If you prefer a peaceful environment away from the town’s  Rishop is a good option.

Kolakham, a pleasing village located just about 12 km from Lava. Firstly Kolakaham  is surrounded by lush green forests and provides eye-catching views of the Kanchenjunga range. Secondly,If you are a bird watcher or a nature lover, Kolakham can be the perfect place to stay.

Pedong, a small town located something like 20 km from Lava. Thirdly, Pedong is famous for its historical importance and cultural heritage. If you want to travel around the region’s local culture and heritage, Pedong can be an excellent place to stay.

In conclusion, Lava provides a wide range of lodging options.Additionlly, budget-friendly homestays to luxury resorts, so you can select the area that best meets your needs and budget.

Which area is the best area to stay in Lava

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