Lava Hotels With Free Cancellation

Searching for Lava Hotels with Free Cancellation is a significant task ahead of any trip to Lava. As we know, Lava is a popular tourist destination among West Bengal, and getting good hotel at realistic price is most vital. Firstly, Lava hotel Aashiyana is the only hotels in Lava which provide the felicity of free cancelation. Moreover, before choosing Lava hotel Aashiyana looks at some important features of hotel.

  1. Room Rent
  2. Meal Plan
  3. Location
  4. Basic amenities
  5. Free Wi-Fi
  6. 24 hours geyser facility
  7. 24 hours water supply
  8. Bathroom

All the 10 rooms are very large and well decked out having balcony in each room. Although, the hotel is small in terms of number rooms but very good-looking. Furthermore, Plan your stay at Lava hotels with free cancellation, gives you to reschedule your trip if circumstances change.

Room Rent: Hotel Aashiyana is reasonably cheaper than any other hotels in Lava. We charge Rs 1800 for balcony room and Rs 1500 for without balcony with free breakfast. Our rooms are very large, so we can accommodate 3 people in a room.

Location: Hotel location is the most vital aspect in Lava, Lava hotel Aashiyana located on road side. Moreover, any car can reach at hotel, which is a big advantage of hotel Aashiyana . Although, hotel is located near Lava monastery, and Lava Bazar.

Geyser: Lava is very cold through the year; to triumph over this cold during stay you need geyser and heater in winter. Moreover, we provide 24-hours geyser, thermoflux, and electric kettle in each room.

Lava Hotels With Free Cancellation
Lava Hotels With Free Cancellation

Basic amenities at Lava Hotels With Free Cancellation

Free Wi-Fi: at the present time Wi-Fi has become one of the most important amenities, and every guest expects good Wi-Fi speed. Accordingly, we offer continuous Wi-Fi facility in each room.

Food Plan: In fact, meal plan is one of the significant aspects for tourist during their stay. It is true that, every tourist for all time expects good breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Indeed, we offer best meal plane for tourist at the rate of Rs 1200/- per head including all. As a result, tourist gets maximum advantage of our food & lodging plan.

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