Best hotels in Lava Bazar

Searching for the best hotels in Lava bazar is difficult, since every tourist wants to stay at Lava Bazar. Firstly, Lava is divided into two parts Lava Bazar and below Lava bazar. Lava Bazar is a major place and all the essential services like ATM and shops lies in Lava Bazar. As a matter of fact, all the best hotels lie in Lava Bazar near Monastery. The meaning of a good quality hotel does not signify well decorated rooms or all costly amenities. A best hotel should position at the main location, with all basic services and the hotel must offer outstanding services.

Lava Hotel Aashiyana Best hotels in Lava Bazar

In Lava one hotel fulfills all the criteria of best hotel, which is Hotel Aashiyana. The name of the hotel is the same as Kalimpong Hotels Aashiyana, because the same set of people runs this hotel. First of all, at Lava the main place is Monastery and the hotel is just beside Lava Monastery. And Lava Bazar is just 5min walking distance. At the present time parking is a big issue in the entire tourist destination but Aashiyana has a parking area just in front of the hotel. Above all, the hotel is at the side of the main road and all ten rooms have balconies. Moreover, every tourist wants to visit Lava for Monastery and the view from Aashiyana is outstanding.

What is a 24 hours GEYSER facility?

We all know that Lava is very cold throughout the year and the standard temperature throughout summer is around 12 degree Celsius. As a matter of fact, Geyser is a significant facility in every best hotels in Lava Bazar. All the hotels say about 24 hours Geyser facilities. That doesn’t signify you will get 24 hours Geyser. Many hotels offer geyser services for restricted time and they have separate inner control for Geyser. Lava hotel Aashiyana is the only hotels in Lava which offers 24 hours geysers. Most importantly, all the guests can manage Geyser from room and bathroom. This service makes Aashiyana unique.

Room, Bathroom and water supply of Best hotels in Lava Bazar

Please keep in mind that water supply has turned out to be an uphill task in all best hotels in Lava Bazar. And the best hotels always supply 24 hours water in all rooms. At Lava hotels we supply 24 hours water to our guests at any cost. Above all, the position of Lava is very tough and manpower is very low. Aashiyana resolved this difficulty. All our staff are from Kolkata and Siliguri. They are highly trained and well behaved. Lastly, most of the Hotels in Lava, rooms and bathrooms are not cleaned. Service boy doesn’t even make bed regularly and housekeeping doesn’t desire to clean the bathroom. At Aashiyana we offer the best clean bathroom and well set bed for our guests. Moreover, a high-quality bathroom is the sign of the best hotel.

Best hotels in Lava Bazar

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